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Herausgeber: Ronald Bockius

Between the Seas. Transfer and Exchange in Nautical Technology

Proceedings of the Eleventh International Sympsoum on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Mainz 2006, ISBSA 11

This volume gathers more than 50 contributions relevant to the subject, proceeding from papers and poster presentations by experts in the field of nautical archaeology, history of ships and shipbuilding, and naval architecture, delivered on the occasion of the Eleventh International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology held in Mainz on the 25th to 29th September 2006.

Water transport has always led to interaction of people who met each other at distant places. Not only did they make substantial profits, but they also learned to improve their lives by copying, and benefited from inspiration. Even boats and ships themselves as constructional objects trend to pass on ideas, both in their funktionality and in the underlying skills. Transfer and exchange in nautical technology as phenomena paced about watercrafts on sea and on inland waterways; the river systems of Continental Europe in paricular promoted at least influences between early shipbuilding traditions, and sometimes teh amalgamation of characteristics, even if these were developed by far distant societies and civilisations, both maritime and continental.