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Humans, Environment and Chronology of the Late Glacial of the North European Plain

Proceedings of Workshop 14 (Commission CCCII) of the 15th U.I.S.P.P. Congress, Lisbon, September 2006

The volume "Humans, environment and Chronology of the Late Glacial of the North European Plain" assembles papers presented during a workshop for the 15 th Congress of the Union International des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques held in Lisbon in September 2006. The workshop was organised under the remit of U.I.S.P.P. Commission XXXII, which focuses on the "The Final Palaeolithic of the Great European Plain", and the present volume continues teh series of conference proceedings that have been published at reuglar intervals during the past decade. This most recent contribution underlines the geographical spread and chronological depth of research into this topic, with papers ranging from those in the British Isles to the eastern Baltic and from the Paris Basin to southern Scandinavia, and covering a period of time extending from the late Magdalenian to the early Mesolithic.