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Verlag:Schnell & Steiner

Michael Brandt, Karl Bernhard Kruse, Thomas Scharf-Wrede, Claudia Höhl, Petra Meschede

World Heritage

Hildesheim Cathedral an its treasures

More than 20 years ago, Hildesheim Cathedral was entered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list as the second German edi¿ce, impressively documenting the extraordinary importance of the cathedral and its precious artworks.

The richly illustrated book provides insights to cathedral‘s eventful 1200-year history,
documenting and elucidating the architecture as well as the building‘s unique decorations.
It spans the cathedral‘s history from the legend of the Hildesheim Rosebush
during the early ninth century to Bishop Bernward‘s monumental eleventh century
creations and ¿nally to the destruction and reconstruction of the cathedral during
the mid-twentieth century.

The book strikingly re¿ects the unbroken vitality of the ecclesiastical
and art historical traditions on the cathedral hill in Hildesheim.

Herausgeber: Hildesheimer Domkapitels