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Reihe:Große Kunstführer
Bandzählung:206e /GKF-206
Ausstattung:7 s/w Illustrationen, 1 Grundrißplan , 45 farb. Illustrationen
Einbandart:Softcover (Klappenbroschur klebegebunden)
Format:17 x 24 cm
Gewicht:212 g
Verlag:Schnell & Steiner

Marcus Spangenberg

The Throne Room in Schloss Neuschwanstein

Ludwig II. of Bavaria and his vision of Divine Right

This celebrated series has now reached over 200 titles covering churches, convents, cities and museums. In a detailed and engaging format, these monographs provide a comprehensive image of the history and importance of the works of art described.
The authors, all experts in their field, provide all pertinent information concerning the works of art as well as the current status of research in a stimulating and understandable manner. Furthermore, each book stands out for its excellent presentation and includes an extensive collection of photographs of the highest quality. New books are added to this series every year and orders can also be placed in the form of a subscription.