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Reihe:Römisch Germanisches Zentralmuseum
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Einbandart:Hardcover (fadengeh. Pappband)
Format:21 x 30 cm
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Erscheinungstermin:24.06.2019 (geplant)
Verlag:Schnell & Steiner

Herausgeber: Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie

New Research on Late Byzantine Goldsmiths´ Works (13th-15th Centuries)

This volume edited by Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie comprises thirteen papers from the conference »New Research on Late Byzantine Goldsmiths‘ Works (13th to 15th Centuries)«, held in the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum in Mainz in October 2015. The contributions primarily deal with the material culture of goldsmiths’ works, such as crosses, reliquary caskets, jewellery, enamel works, and precious stones, spanning the wide geographical area of Byzantium and many of its neighbours, from Russia via Trebizond and Serbia to Crete. Furthermore, written sources on Byzantine goldsmiths, their craft and the provenance of precious metals provide evidence for goldsmithing in Byzantium throughout its history.

- Goldsmith works in Byzantium from the 13th to the 15th century
- Late Byzantine jewellery and liturgic objects